About 30 Miles East

30 Miles East was a small idea that transpired after a night of a few glasses of scotch and conversation. ┬áIts formulation was derived on the very basic principle that our region is NOT in the Inland Empire, and we indeed have much to offer out here, even if we are 30 miles away from Los Angeles. Those daring to step outside of the Los Angeles city borders will find some of the best happenings this side of the Downtown/Westside/Silverlake bubble. Having been born in Southern California, regional identification seems to be the immediate means of assessing social/cultural aptitude in Los Angeles. Are you from the “Westside”? “Weho”? “Downtown”? All of those city regions have a largely positive reputation with culture and nightlife. The eastern region of Los Angeles County has been given a largely negative reputation, and has been marginalized as a region not bearing the potential for anything other than race car events. Many cities outside of Los Angeles, particularly the eastern San Gabriel Valley cities, are fighting an undeserved reputation of sub-par culture and nightlife. This negative stigma could not be further from the truth. The social climate of the eastern region can without a doubt hold a candle to our westerly counterparts. The massive amounts of art galleries, clubs, eateries, breweries, colleges, universities, festivals and many other lively entities prove that we’re not just in a suburbia abyss. Thus, the mission of 30 Miles East is to showcase the vibrant culture that lies outside the borders of Los Angeles, with the help of local talent and global icons that have visited our region. 30 Miles East is dedicated to promoting the enormously gifted artists, musicians, bands, photographers, writers and any other persons or entities utilizing creative mediums as a form of expression, that might otherwise be overshadowed in the massive metropolis that is Los Angeles.


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