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Throwback Thursday: Mr. Bungle at the Glass House

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Hello, friends. Its been about a couple of weeks since my last feature. I’m so sorry! Do you ever get so overwhelmed you wonder where your time went? Yup, I’m there right now. Anyway, I saved this Throwback Thursday for something really special. A show that I wish I had been able to attend. If there were any band to reunite (other than the Beatles and Led Zeppelin-which we all know is impossible), I would pray to the music gods to bring back Mr. Bungle. Now, I realize that Mr. Bungle is an incredibly eclectic genre of music, and this Throwback Thursday may not appeal to many. However, for my die hard Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Fantomas/Tomohawk/Lovage/Peeping Tom/Mike Patton fans, this is right up your alley. Comprised of the music god/genius Mike Patton, Trey Spruance, Trevor Dunn and Danny Heifetz, Mr. Bungle took the 90’s underground rock scene by storm. Although Mike Patton’s major project Faith No More was breaking mainstream ground, Mr. Bungle created a cult following all on its own. The ingenious musical composition produced by Mr. Bungle was in an elite category. Right up there with my friends from Failure. So, when I discovered that Mr. Bungle had been to the Glass House in Pomona on August 24th 1999, naturally, I was excited to use this for a Throwback Thursday post. As with many Throwback Thursday posts, I cannot find any video of them at the Glass House (insert crying emoticon here). I do, however, have footage of them in LA that year. Below is a set list from their show at the Glass House and one of my favorite Bungle songs “Pink Cigarette” live at the House of Blues at the end of their “California” tour. ENJOY! I know I am!

Glasshouse Setlist:

The Stroke
The Air-Conditioned Nightmare
Ars Moriendi
Pink Cigarette
Carry Stress In The Jaw
Sweet Charity
Ei Raat Tomar Amar
My Ass Is On Fire
The Thrill Is Gone
Vanity Fair
Desert Search For Techno Allah
None Of Them Knew They Were Robots
Merry Go Bye Bye




Setlist retrieved from:

Video retrieved from the “Donna’s Jukebox” YouTube Channel.

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Viva! Pomona Festival at the Glass House July 19 & 20

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This weekend is sure to be another outstanding set of events for the Pomona Arts Colony. Viva! Pomona, a multicultural music festival, will be firing on all cylinders at the Glass House on July 19th and 20th!

The two day festival features an eclectic and outstanding variety of both national and international bands. The immensely popular !!! (Chk Chk Chk) will be headlining Saturday July 19th. On Sunday, July 20th,  Thee Oh Sees will headline with Crystal Antlers along with many others.

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Throwback Thursday: Guns N’ Roses at Timbers Ballroom

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Timbers Ballroom. Yet another venue I had no idea existed. Timbers ballroom was located on Foothill Blvd. in Glendora, and is now home to a shopping center that houses a large Goodwill Thrift Store.

Guns N’ Roses made their way to Glendora, CA in 1986 promoting the upcoming release and new recordings from the iconic album Appetite for Destruction. There are some places online where you can, um, “obtain” a copy of the live show’s recordings. Ahem. You may email me if you’re truly interested in that link!

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The 909 Film Festival

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Did you know that Claremont is home to one of the very few Independent Film Festivals in Southern California? The 909 Film Festival was the vision of local Independent Film Maker, Eddie Gonzalez. This film festival seeks filmmakers who either reside in the 909 area code or those who will create a short film with the time parameters of 9 minutes and 9 seconds (9:09). The idea is to highlight something unique, interesting or funny about the 909 area through the Read More

Pomona’s Saturday Saviour: Failure rocks the Glass House

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Many know the Second Saturday of each month is to host the always amazing Pomona Art Walk. The Pomona Arts Colony comes alive with budding artistic talent and cultural eclecticism. This second Saturday, however, was undoubtedly different. Dare I say the best Second Saturday yet? Recently reunited, Failure paid a visit to the Glass House in Pomona on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Comprised of Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kellii Scott, the trio made their way back to their native Southern California after an incredibly successful nation-wide tour. The band made sure to tackle the intimate venues that would produce an unforgettable evening for fans in and out of Los Angeles. Read More