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What is a Resident Artist?

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On April 23rd, I was thrilled to unveil that Natalie Franco, internationally renowned photographer, had graciously agreed to become a resident artist of 30 Miles East. In addition to Natalie, Blas Perez, Matthew Chism, Francesca Bifulco and Carlo Garduno have found a home here on my web site. Since the launch of 30 Miles East, I have been frequently asked the question, what is a “resident artist”? Read More

Throwback Thursday: Frank Zappa inspires historic prank

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The  legendary Frank Zappa performed at the beautiful Bridges Auditorium of Pomona College multiple times in 1972. What he probably did not realize was that students/ninjas would craft a historic prank  in honor of hispresence.  As you can see in the photo below, these students constructed a phony frieze with Zappa’s name and carving of his face to adorn the external edifice of Bridges Auditorium. The details of the culprits have been in Read More

Throwback Thursday: No Doubt

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On this day in exact day in 1993, No Doubt paid a visit 30 Miles East. Thanks to Google, I found a very rare performance by No Doubt at Cal Poly Pomona. Check out the band rocking out to “Get on the Ball” from their first self-titled album released in 1992.     video retrieved from the NoDoubt TV youtube channel images retrieved from and

I am Thirty Miles East

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The featured image was taken by me at the BWI train station in Linthecum, Maryland.

Life Thirty Miles East of Los Angeles can seem like a different planet. Hell, any place out of the heart of L.A. can seems like Mars. Just ask those who live Downtown or in Hollywood. To them, we’re living in an alternate universe. Are we really that different though? Never mind that we share the same freeway woes, the same fake tans, the same pretentious latte orders or the same valley girl accent stereotypes. We even share the same kind of hipsters. Take a stroll through Claremont, my friends (34.8 miles east). These hipsters give Silverlake (5.2 miles north) a run for it’s money. It’s all the same, just a different geographical location. The amazing part about the unintentional melding of our Angeleno identity is when you visit other parts of the US. It’s not until then you realize how “L.A.” you are. Whether those in Downtown like it or not, we’re very much the same. Even those 30 miles east. Read More