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Sessions: Kellii Scott of Failure

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Before the epic show at the Glass House, I had the chance to sit down with the amazing Kellii Scott to chat about the tour, the past and what the future holds for Failure.

30 Miles East: You have arrived at the last few shows of the Tree of Stars tour, what has the tour been like as a whole thus far?

Kellii Scott:  Its been pretty crazy. The response has been pretty overwhelming. Just when you thought you’ve played your best show, you arrive at another city and it just gets even better.

30ME: Any cities in particular that have become your favorite while on tour?

KS: Nashville was pretty awesome. Two nights in Toronto were pretty awesome, then Brooklyn was of course amazing and the Irving Plaza-but then there was North Carolina…you know? As soon as I mention one show, I think of another. Its all been amazing.

30ME: Now, the Glass House is a very intimate and off the beaten path venue. Was there any deliberate thought into playing here in Pomona as opposed to just wrapping up the tour right in the of heart LA?

KS: Yeah, we deliberately chose everything. We’ve actually played here before.  On our last tour way back when, we actually played with Lush. Greg (Edwards) has played here quite a few times as well. We’re from LA but a lot of our fans are actually concentrated in this area and in San Diego, so we wanted to make sure to hit all of the bigger and nicer venues through these areas so everyone wasn’t forced to come to one venue like they did with El Rey. Read More

Sessions: Jonathan Bates of Big Black Delta

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Photo by James Moriarty

I am going to be very straight-forward here. No overly-dramatic, wordy fluff. Simply stated, I am a huge fan of Jonathan Bates. I have been for many years. I was first introduced to his work when he was the front man of the Los Angeles based rock band Mellowdrone. Their first EP and full-length album “Box” were a permanent fixture in my music rotation. After the release of their last album “Angry Bear”, Jonathan, along with his band mates, Tony DeMatteo and Brian Borg, had decided it was time to take a break. Mellowdrone was put on a very long pause. Read More