“Contagion of Difference” to be unveiled at SPACE Gallery

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  • December 4, 2014

“Contagion of Difference”  is a group Collage show featuring Jay Riggio, Ace Farren Ford and Lance Glover. The show will debut December 13, 2014 at the always amazing SPACE Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony.

Contagion of Difference show statement:

“The practice of fine art collage can be traced to 1912, when Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque began affixing cut paper to their paintings, though its roots date back many hundreds of years. A century later, what does collage say to us? It seems that the shocking collision of images explored by the Cubists, Dadaists and Surrealists in response to technology and the pace of life in the 20th century is yet relevant. There is an unavoidable nostalgia in much of this work, as by its nature it culls images from the past, and yet the search for wholeness through the merging of fragments is all the more apropos in our increasingly fragmented world. These constructs may be seen as the recombinant DNA of the collective imagination.”

Opening December 13th, 2014

Artist reception: 6-9PM

Musical Guest: Dinosaurs With Horns

Curated by: Christina Franco-Long, Lance Glover and Louise Bialik

The gallery below is a small sample of the amazing work to be featured. Click on an image to launch the gallery.


“Dinosaurs with Horns” will be the musical guests for the opening night of “Contagion of Difference”.

Rick Potts and Joseph Hammer delicately dispensed laughing-gas-balloon-animals-go-pop-music as Dinosaurs With Horns.

The cryptic LAFMS (Los Angeles Free Music Society)-related group occurred during and in between periods of playing with Points of Friction,Steaming Coils and Solid Eye. Spencer Savage and/or Tom Recchion jammed with them in the mid ’80s and continued intermittently since Los Angeles music history “Music utilizing consumer audio technology, tape loops, samplers and analog synthesizers to create compelling and varied musical expressions.” Historic performances at L.A.C.E. and KXLU.
For more information on Dinosaurs with Horns, please visit their website: http://smegmamusic.com/site/?cat=40