Failure announces new album and is including fans along for the ride

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  • January 26, 2015

Many of you know that I am a huge fan of the band Failure. If you follow 30 Miles East or are friends with me personally, you would know this isn’t anything new. The work of Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards, and Kellii Scott has influenced my life more than just within the veins of music. In the early summer of 2014, I was floored when Kellii Scott made contact with me via 30 Miles East and commented on my coverage of their first reunion show at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. Little did I know that later in the year I would be interviewing Kellii, meeting Ken Andrews (in an awkward, yet funny-interrupting mid-interview-you-had-to-be-there-kind-of-way), and covering the entire show at the Glasshouse. Dreams do come true, my friends. So, how does one repay the people that have helped make this young blogging journey so memorable? Support. Even if I didn’t run 30 Miles East, I would still be supporting these three amazing musicians (and awesome people, I might add). When Failure officially announced their entrance into the studio for their follow-up to Fantastic Planet, there was no question that I would be posting and sharing the news. So, without anymore trips down my sentimental memory lane, I am happy to share with you that Failure is taking on a different approach in the release of their upcoming album. The band has joined forces with, and are keeping fans updated on the progress of the album with video updates, social media posts, and an exclusive way to pledge and get in on the inside track with their album release. For all of the latest updates and ways to pledge, please stop by

Stay tuned! I know I am!

Below are my shots from the Glasshouse show:

Featured image and video property of Failure.

Gallery images are property of Erica Nichols, 30 Miles East.


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