Introspection and hard lessons

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  • October 6, 2014

Everyday we are faced with a mountain of valuable lessons. In those teaching moments,  we are forced to see what we never thought possible or imaginable. However, as adults, we have a tendency to ignore the lessons and the introspective capacities of our own allegedly developed pre-frontal cortex. Even the youngest of souls possess a large amount of introspection. Sometimes, they carry far more reflective abilities than so-called grown-ups. They are able to indulge and immerse themselves in the unique nuances of each minute of every hour of every day. This is the gift the young possess, and the gift adults should be envying and striving to attain. So here it comes, my moment of public introspection: What happens when we step away from the things we love and cherish? What happens when we neglect the things we love so dearly? Where does the impassioned ascent lie, other than in a perpetual state of limbo upon the recognition of its neglect? These questions beg for answers when we are spinning in the ebbs and flows of the life. While wading in the waves of my own existence, I put 30 Miles East on the back burner. Sometimes, life arrives, screeching in and pulling into your drive way, and Frank Booth shows up at your door and throws you in the car for a fucked up and unexpected ride (pardon the David Lynch/Blue Velvet reference). While in that fast moving car, you can see all of what you took for granted speed by you through the car window with no means of reaching out and grasping it. Your feeble attempts to re-grasp everything is like grabbing vapor. Among those things, 30 Miles East was slipping by me at an unprecedented speed. 30 Miles East brought me joy, passion, alternative perspectives and the opportunity to engage some of the most brilliant masters of craft in an area we are lucky to be residing in. Many of you know of what I preach: WE ARE Los Angeles, and we are filled to the brim with an insuperable populace of artists, musicians, photographers, writers, filmmakers, thinkers, and friends-especially 30 Miles East. This is something I vow to never put on the back burner again. Sometimes, we unknowingly allow the external abnormalities to wedge themselves in to what we hold so dearly when we lose sight of our priorities. I am guilty of this. Fortunately, if we are able to escape from that fast-moving car, stand on our feet and recapture what we hold dearly, we can activate the introspection, immerse ourselves in the nuances of our day-to-day and appreciate the beauty that we do hold in our grasp. Introspection and hard lessons. I have learned much recently. Given this new perspective, I have discovered different ways in which I will bring the culture of our region to light via the avenue of my beloved website, and thus hoping that I can bring some beauty to your day. Thank you to those who still believe in 30 Miles East, especially my resident artists and friends. I could not do what I do without you. I’m willingly boarding a fast-moving car. Only this ride will be welcomed. Stay tuned friends.

Peace and Love,


Featured image: “Her Power is Within” by Tony Koehl (Undeniably fitting for this post. Oh, and visit Tony’s artist page!)