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  • January 28, 2014

30 Miles East is proud to feature Loft Beats Art Gallery in the Pomona Arts Colony.  Erns Valdez, Owner and Director shared his history and vision for Loft Beats Gallery.


Loft Beats is an award winning gallery for artists who are actively seeking out opportunities to immerse and invest themselves in their artistic ability while taking their  artistic careers to the next level. Loft Beats is located in the heart of The Pomona Arts Colony, and is dedicated to teaching emerging artists how to display, market and become an active member of an arts community through participation in monthly shows as well as attending Pomona Arts Colony Associations meetings. The success of the gallery is determined solely by the participating artists.

Featured Loft Beats artists and musicians are offered the opportunity to engage in productions and shows that enable them to share their talents with the public. Loft Beats was founded and is operated by its resident artists and musicians, and this makes all of the difference. Along with producing their own events, Loft Beats also provides a local venue for artists and musicians for an incredibly reasonable rate. Loft Beats is continually looking for new talent to work with.


I had the opportunity to visit Loft Beats on the last Saturday of the Month Art Walk  (1/25) in the Pomona Arts colony. Upon entering the loft, your ears are greeted with mellow R&B music that is hand selected by the house DJ. The loft itself allows visitors to immerse themselves in the uniqueness and lively work that adorns the brick walls. While taking in some of the visuals, resident artist Adrianna greeted me and shared her work, while making sure I took notice of the artwork of her fellow resident artists. What was most inviting about Loft Beats is there was not an ounce of pretentiousness or “trying too hard”. The environment was low-key, yet it’s artists were engaged and serious about their work. This award winning space definitely provides a unique and inviting environment for emerging artists to showcase their talents. The website itself provides valuable resources for artist education and engagement. All of the positive elements of this gallery make the trek to the Pomona Arts Colony worth it.

Loft Beats featured artists include:

Erns Valdez

Vincent Landreth

Stacey Patino

Jessica Delker


Chris O’Mahoney

Awol One

Denisse Villalba

Junior Mora

Bre Thomas

For more on Loft Beats Art Gallery, please visit:



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