Music feature: bWreck

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  • October 8, 2014

bWreck is a space rock band from Long Beach, consisting of Maria Morris (drums) & Kit Morris (guitar), formed in early 2007. Maria started playing drums in 2004 and decided she had finally found her place. She studied tirelessly under the guidance of Robert “Jake” Jacobs (drums) and Aloke Dutta (tabla) to learn the art of touch and make up for lost time. Maria decided to attend Fullerton College Applied Music Program in 2010 and graduated with an Associate Degree in Arts with High Honors in 2014. Kit has been a part of the Southern California music scene since 1994. They were always jamming together, and in late 2006, in the studio of Water Records trip-hop artist tspigot, they wrote “Creeper” and finally found their sound; it was obvious that they could start a band. So they did. bWreck books all of their own shows, works with underground touring bands, all while trying to bring good acts together in venues that appreciate live music and want to hear something new. bWreck tours California and Arizona, playing 20-30 shows each year. Their second album, ‘Basic Rocket Science’ was officially released in September 2014.

bwreckAlthough they shy away from labels, they have been called experimental, spacerock, postrock, psych and mathrock. So far, they are an instrumental band so each new song is a re-imagination of what they can do with the their hands, that will speak for itself and entice listeners to project their own imagination onto the sound.

Check out bWreck’s album “Basic Rocket Science” below:

For more on bWreck, visit their website: