Music Feature: Lo-Fi Janitor

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  • March 17, 2016

Wow, friends. It has been a long minute since I have posted. Life has a constant habit of getting in the way of things, does it not? At any rate, I am glad to be launching my 2016 posts with a music feature that is very near and dear to my heart. A close friend of mine, whom we will continue to call “The Lo-Fi Janitor” has released a highly anticipated album in the underground and local music scene. Based out of San Dimas, CA, the Lo-Fi janitor wrote, recorded, mixed, and produced the entire album out of  RedHead Studios in Covina, CA. The self-titled album is an eclectic mix of everything from ambient and down-tempo beats, to threads of hip-hop and rock infused melodies. The Lo-Fi janitor’s incredible talent in catchy melodic electronic compositions keep you wanting to hear more as each track passes. This album, without a doubt, is a broad-reaching musical experience that can be a mainstay in even the most picky music aficionados album collections. Among my favorite tracks (even though I pretty much love all of them) is a track remixing samples of a George Carlin stand-up session. “Student of the Month” is smart and clever (you will understand that reference upon listening to the track).

Student of the Month:

Two of my other favorite tracks are “Alone” and “Time”. Both songs belong in a time portal. I suppose it is because when I hear it, I drift into a place of tranquil, mental solitude.



I cannot say enough great things about this album and the amazing man behind it all. I am urging you to head over to The Lo-Fi Janitor BandCamp site, download the album, turn it on, shake your ass, and most of all, support local musicians.

Peace and love.

p.s. (I also heard a rumor that the album maybe available in vinyl. Stay tuned for updates)

Cover art by Mikey Sabatella @ILMDesigns. Additional layout help from Justin Nichols.

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