Music feature: The Pocket Rockets

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  • May 24, 2014

The Pocket Rockets (the name is arbitrary in its meaning, coined just for the sake of a band name) started off playing in a small bed room in East Los Angeles, California, consisting of members Ralph Blanco (Vocals & Bass Guitar), Lyndon Miller (Guitar), and Chris Magallon (Drumset).

Through the years though, the band developed their sound through a combination of experimental guitar sounds, catchy bass rifts, and, simultaneously, steady and fluctuating drum beats, though still retaining that innocence so many bands loose through their development. Their music consist of many inspirations, mixing in varying inspirations of each member into a collective, unified, and spacey sound. You can label their sound as uncanny, in the sense that it sounds both unfamiliar and familiar at times. The Pocket Rockets where one of the first bands, although do not get much credit for this, to change the East Los Angeles backyard scene from being an absolute domain to punk and thrash bands, creating an environment where the Indie bands where accepted, praised, and flourished. 

In their existence the band managed to get many notable shows and radio play on the now debunked Indie 103.1 Check 1,2, with Mark Shovel, featured as a “Next Wave” artist on MHz’s Strictly Global, and a set on KXLU’s Neuz Pollution through word of mouth. In April of 2011 they embarked on their first West Coast tour with fellow SONATÅ CANTATÅ label-mate Michael Gross & The Statuette, in April 2012 toured the Southwest hitting Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. And a short summer tour in August of 2012 to Utah and Nevada.


The Pocket Rockets released of their debut EP “Golden Gloves 1902” on SONATÅ CANTATÅ Records, headed by producer Jon Siebels of Eve 6 and formerly of Monsters Are Waiting, and have most recently released their new self titled EP via DRrecords/Sick City Records which was recorded by the band themselves in the drummers bedroom in East LA and produced by none other then Jon Siebles..

Enjoy these awesome tracks off of their self-titled EP:


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