November Second Saturday Art Walk & Unveiling of Faceless Sister

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  • November 9, 2014

There could not be a more perfect weather setting for an Art Walk on this fine second saturday of November. Per usual, the Pomona Arts Colony will be beaming with art, music, and the cultural eclecticism only Downtown Pomona can bring.

Here’s a very tiny tidbit of the happenings going on tonight:

SPACE Gallery will be featuring the instillations “Home” by Jon Measures and “Love” by Norman Gray. SPACE features some of the most prominent artists in the country, and their carefully curated installations are not to be missed!space

The SCA Project Gallery will be presenting their annual members-only exhibit: “The Show!” The Show will be brimming to the rim with exciting creations by their member artists that include: Sarah Arnold, Karen Karlsson, Denise Kraemer, R.T. Pece, Erns Valdez.

scaThe dA Center for the Arts will be celebrating the second opening of the installation “Azlatan”, featuring world renowned Latino Master Artists such as Oscar R. Castillo, Margaret Garcia, John Valadez, Ryan Flores, David Flurry and Raul Pizarro. These artists celebrate their heritage and their roots through their incredible art pieces.daarts

Last, but certainly not least, Loft Beats Art Gallery will be celebrating Erns Vadlez’s 6th anniversary at the Loft. Not only is Erns celebrating an anniversary, but if you noticed in the SCA Project Gallery synopsis, he will also be featured as a member’s only artist just a few doors down. Please be sure to swing by both exhibitions!loftbeats

Now, you’re probably wondering, what is this “Faceless Sister” Erica is talking about? Well, as with many bloggers, we take up photography. Running a decent blog requires striking visuals. We need to keep your eyes glued here after all! When the blogging progressed, so did my love for photography. I decided to take up a dark photography project, and I named it Faceless Sister. Why Faceless Sister? Well, 2014 has been a wild ride. I came to realize that all of us wear masks. Sometimes, when we take off our masks, we’re faceless. The person behind the mask was really not there at all They’re void. So, in that same vein, I began taking a deeper look into what I perceive the world to be with masks on and off. I also want to expose people to the uncomfortable sides of masks. Why? I’m just weird and like taking people out of their comfort zones. Anyway, I love being behind the camera. Now, you can only imagine my excitement when Erns Valdez of Loft Beats and I conversed about my photography going up in the gallery. So, what better way to unveil my latest project than through forcing all of you to go down to the Pomona Arts Colony to check it out, right? I want to extend an ENORMOUS thank you to Erns. 30 Miles East would not have taken off without his guidance, and now him putting me up in his own gallery is an amazing honor. The world needs more people like Erns who believe in the organic and real people wanting to make a difference in the world. Erns, you are the best. For more on my newest project, please visit:

Hope to see you all in a couple of hours!!!

Peace and Love!