30 Miles East Feature: Pints For Pitties

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  • January 22, 2014

Brittany Gomez, Founder and President of Pints for Pitties shares her mission and personal story with 30 Miles East! What could be better than Pit Bulls and Brews? Not much! 

The Pints for Pitties Mission:

Our mission statement really says it all: Pints for Pitties was established to help foster the awareness and education for pit bulls and other such related “bully” breeds. Our mission is to advocate a positive message about these “bully” breeds in three distinct ways: educating and empowering pet owners to raise healthy and well socialized dogs, partner with rescue organizations in an effort to continue to rescue and find adoptable, loving homes for pit bulls and other “bully” breeds and provide financial assistance for adoption fees and medical treatments associated with these dogs.

Pints for Pitties combines two passions of mine, beer and pit bulls! Once a month I host an event to help raise money for rescues and/or foster families. I will sometimes bartend for pitties and donate all my tip money. Come have a beer and help save a dog; sounds like a no brainer to me! Whether it be helping a dog get shots, get spayed or neutered, get to its forever home or helping somebody foster a dog, Pints for Pitties can help (granted the funds are available). I’ll start by having events at the bar where I currently work. Hopefully I can guest bar tend at bars in the future if this takes off.


Pints for Pitties was inspired by Mac Daddy and Roxy Mae, two pit bulls that I adopted and fell in love with. I adopted Mac from a friend in 2010 when he was 5 months old. I was told he had two dogs from a litter of puppies that they couldn’t find homes for. My friend sent me pictures of him and he looked really big. Even I had a selfish part of me say “I want a puppy, he’s too big.” Also, at the time I lived in a duplex that did not allow dogs. With the combination of wanting a younger puppy and my landlord not allowing any animals in the house I decided it wasn’t a good idea to adopt a dog. A few weeks later my sneaky roommate had our friend bring two dogs over our house. The other one being Mac’s brother. As soon as the little, uncoordinated, floppy eared, tan and white ball of cuteness walked through the door, I was in love with him. We have been best friends ever since and he will forever be my first true love. Needless to say, my roommate adopted Mac’s brother and named him Cash Money. They both would have ended up at the pound and most likely dead if my roommate and I didn’t adopt them both. And for that I thank her. I sometimes think of how my life and Mac’s life would be if we didn’t find each other. It really is a true love story.

Roxy Mae is the newest addition to the family. My boyfriend Casey and I adopted her from Recycled Pets So Cal. in December of 2012. She wasted no time doing laps around the yard with Mac when we brought her home. She was adopted out once before through Recycled Pets So Cal. Unfortunately when they went to do a home check up on her, Roxy was neglected and had lost all of her hair. Recycled Pets took Roxy back into their care and got her back to health. About three months after that we contacted Recycled Pets and took Roxy to a safe home. She immediately became part of the family and stole a big part of our hearts. I know Casey and I love her just as much as she loves us. All four of us share a special pittie bond that is priceless to us. Her only flaw is that she steals the blankets at night.

Shortly after I thought up this idea for my non-profit, Mac tore a ligament in his back leg. Long story short, he made it through surgery but only lived a few weeks after that. He was only 2 years old.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over that. But once I was able to function I started working with a friend of mine to make my idea a reality. It just made sense that I combine beer and pitties. I have worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years now. I fell in love with craft beer when I moved to San Diego in 2005. It was in San Diego that I also fell in love with Mac Daddy. Being a bartender I thought about what I could do to help raise money for my non-profit, immediately Pints for Pitties came to mind. I had my first event in April 2013. I used all the money raised from that event to pay the IRS fee for become a non-profit. My events consist of coordinating with breweries and pubs. Basically I bring the people and they give Pints for Pitties 20% of sales. I contact local breweries to have them donate shirts, hats, pint glasses, etcetera. Those items get used for a raffle to raise money as well.

Right now Roxy Mae is the only permanent pittie in my life. She is everything anybody would ask for in a dog. She exudes the pit bull qualities like no other. She loves kids, people and big dogs. She thinks the little ones are funny looking! We love to go on hikes and walks. My whole family adores her. My family was skeptical about pit bulls before they met Mac and Roxy. I love that we were able to change their minds.

Recently, my boyfriend and I fostered a pit bull named Chloe. Since Pints for Pitties is not  a rescue (yet!) Priceless Pets in Chino Hills helped me find her a great home. That was a lot of work since she came from a home where they let her do whatever she wanted. I’m glad we did it though. The previous owners advertised on an Inland Empire Buy/Sell/trade group page on Facebook that she needed a home. He was determined to get her a great home. But, I couldn’t help but think about the possibility of her ending up in the wrong hands. So, we drove all the way to Hemet to pick her up. We only had her two weeks and a great family came along that wanted to give her a forever home. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again.

For more information on events and how you can reach out to Pints for Pitties, please visit their facebook and twitter pages:




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