Pomona’s Saturday Saviour: Failure rocks the Glass House

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  • June 14, 2014

Many know the Second Saturday of each month is to host the always amazing Pomona Art Walk. The Pomona Arts Colony comes alive with budding artistic talent and cultural eclecticism. This second Saturday, however, was undoubtedly different. Dare I say the best Second Saturday yet? Recently reunited, Failure paid a visit to the Glass House in Pomona on Saturday, June 14, 2014. Comprised of Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards and Kellii Scott, the trio made their way back to their native Southern California after an incredibly successful nation-wide tour. The band made sure to tackle the intimate venues that would produce an unforgettable evening for fans in and out of Los Angeles.
30mileseast.com 2014While I was driving down to the Glass House, I was overcome with a plethora of feelings. I was about to interview Kellii Scott–not to mention taking on the monumental task of capturing the essence of Failure through the perspective of my own camera lens. I have such a profound appreciation for this band. I was mentally beside myself. How could I possibly capture their music in this capacity? Well, needless to say, I was nervous, yet giddy like a damn school girl (sorry if I came off that way Kellii, I’m not an airhead, I swear!). After being warmly welcomed by Failure’s amazing tour manager, I sat down with Kellii for a bit. He was absolutely gracious and amazing. Please read the interview here (Kellii Scott interview). After interviewing Kelli, I made my way back out to claim my space in front of the stage for my photographic journaling attempts at capturing the show. Upon surveying the venue,  I immediately felt the excitement in the crowd that was flowing in. The energy surrounding this moment was indescribable. Everyone whom was piling in was elated.

30mileseast.com 2014
The moment everyone was waiting for was finally upon us. Those who hadn’t experienced the first reunion show at the El Rey were now about to have their lives changed. Let me pause here. I realize you’re probably thinking by now, “Wow, this woman is obsessed with these guys”. Then again, if you’re reading this, you’re probably just as obsessed as I am. In my previous write up of the first show at the El Rey, I touched on the incredible musicianship, sound and the overall “under the radar” influence Failure has had in rock music. Well, they’re not so under the radar anymore. There is a reason to love this band THIS much, and people who were unaware of their existence are beginning to take note of their omnipresence in music. Their work ethic and craftsmanship of song construction is ever-present in their live sets (and obviously through their recordings).

Now that I had experienced Failure live twice before (El Rey and Cinquanta), the Glass House show proved to be no different than the previous shows. Perhaps, it was even better than the others. Okay, wait. What?! How is this even possible? The El Rey show BLEW everyone’s minds. Cinquanta was so unique and amazing, too! Well, maybe its my Glass House/Pomona bias, but I believe they sounded even more incredible than they did in LA. They seemed so relaxed, so confident and just so tuned in. Granted, the Glass House is an incredibly intimate venue and the walls trap in a very warm and whole sound. Insert a band like Failure and your ears are in for a dynamic sound ride. They were more than perfect in my view.

Many know that the band had chosen to forego an opener, enabling the opportunity to play as much material as they could in the small time frame they had with all of us. The short film montage of Failure’s personal inspirations flickered on stage immediately engaging the crowd. Then, the show really began when the band stepped on stage and opened with the forever loved “Another Space Song”. The set list had an even balance of songs off of  Magnified and Fantastic Planet, with some new material leaving the crowd cheering for more after the conclusion of their set. After the encore cheers, Ken Andrews came back out and shouted “Do you guys want one more song?!” The crowed roared back “YES!”. He proceeded, “How about TWO?!”.  The crowd roared louder. “Okay, how about three?!”. Everyone about lost their minds. They wrapped up their set with Macaque, Magnified and Daylight (if this is inaccurate, because I was half photographer half fan-girl the entire night, please feel free to correct me!). Being front and center, I was able to hear the crowd singing along during the entire show behind me. Again, the energy emitting in the room was palpable. After all was said and done and the house lights flared on, I heard someone say, “I cannot believe they played Small Crimes! I can die a happy man!”. Once again, lives were changed after a Failure show.

Needless to say, the energy after the show was still transmitting everywhere. Kellii Scott made his way outside of the Glass House and chatted with many eager fans. It just goes to show the humility these guys possess while being fully aware of the notion that they are one of the greatest bands to ever come around.

I’m happy to report that the end of this tour is not the end of what Failure has in store. As promised by Kellii, 2015 is going to be a great year for Failure and its fans. I’m sure I can speak for every fan when I say, we’re so happy to have you back.

Okay, enough of my raving. For more photos of the show, visit the gallery by clicking here!


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