Throwback Thursday: Frank Zappa inspires historic prank

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  • April 24, 2014

The  legendary Frank Zappa performed at the beautiful Bridges Auditorium of Pomona College multiple times in 1972. What he probably did not realize was that students/ninjas would craft a historic prank  in honor of hispresence.  As you can see in the photo below, these students constructed a phony frieze with Zappa’s name and carving of his face to adorn the external edifice of Bridges Auditorium. The details of the culprits have been in zappaquestion by many. Was it several high school students? Was it Pomona College students? David Allen of the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin did some serious digging to get some answers (click here for article).  Unfortunately, Mother Nature didn’t quite agree with the prank that covered Chopin with Zappa, as it rained the following day, permanently damaging their masterpiece. Thanks to these students (whoever they really are), it makes for an awesome Throwback Thursday! Cheers!

bridges Bridges Auditorium, Sans-Zappa frieze.

Stink-foot was one of many jams of Zappa’s set list at Bridges

For more on the prank, visit:

Featured image and Bridges Auditorium photo property of Pomona College.

Other images owned by random people on the internet. In other words, they’re not mine.

Video retrieved from the Keraban Rocha YouTube channel

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