Throwback Thursday: Jane’s Addiction at…Topper’s?

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  • May 29, 2014

Toppers? La Verne? What?

I suppose my ignorance takes over here once again. Where the hell was Toppers in La Verne?

After some digging, I found that it used to be home to Cattleman’s Wharf, La Verne Cattle Co. and Topper’s Cafe decades ago. Topper’s became a nightclub in the 80’s and had a short lived run on Foothill Blvd.

The space is now being occupied by a 99 cent store. Who knew? Well, Topper’s might have been a night club, but it also housed concerts. Of those shows, I was able to dig up a gem.

Jane’s Addiction had played at Topper’s Cafe in 1987.  According to, the Jane’s Addiction bootleg vinyl, “That Ain’t Country” has live recordings from their show at Topper’s and another venue in Nashville. I would imagine that students of the University of La Verne in 1987 got an amazing Rock N’ Roll treat when Jane’s Addiction came to town!

The set list at Topper’s consisted of:
Ted, Just Admit It…
Pigs In Zen
Idiots Rule
Mountain Song
Trip Away
Had A Dad
Ocean Song
Up The Beach
I Would For You
Standing In The Shower… Thinking
No One’s Leaving

Enjoy a rare live video of Jane’s Addiction at the Roxy in 1987. If only I had found a video of them at Topper’s!

Happy Throwback Thursday!


Set list and featured image retrieved from

Video retrieved from the Seconds YouTube Channel